Welcome To The New and Improved Scooby Snax
Herbal Incense store. 

Thanks to you, our customers, our herbal incense sales are increasing, and to keep up with demand, we are doubling the amount of products we carry and improved our store and check out process.

We're sure you'll like the new site as much as you enjoy our high quality, high potency Herbal Incense and Legal Potpourri.

Stop back often, we are adding new products weekly.

Customer Service

Heather will be handling our customer service, so if you have any questions about placing an order, or need help with an order you have placed, please feel free to fill in our customer support form and Heather will take good care of you.

Heather will also be taking phone orders, during business hours, so if you would rather phone in your order than place it online, give her a call at 863-838-9501.

We strive to give our customers the very best of service, and in normal situations, we will handle your concerns the same day.


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Herbal Mayhem Exotic Blend 50g
Herbal Mayhem Exotic Blend 50g
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